Photographs by Tonja Hagy-Valdine


It started with an idea...


"May 7th, 2017, a few friends from the Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP) and I found ourselves at an enchanting, forgotten property on East Broadway to take photos. Known as the 'Lubbock Graffiti Park', this site seemed like the perfect place for a pop-up art show. Our conversation peaked my interest and not long after, I reached out to the nonprofit organization that owned the property, Guadalupe Economic Services Corporation (GESC). Unbeknownst to me, this would be the beginning of something much larger.

May 17th, 2017, I had my first meeting with GESC Director, Diana Lopez. She was incredibly receptive to our ideas and welcomed this new project with open arms. Throughout our next few meetings, discussions of one-time pop-up exhibition evolved into sharing our ideas of how to utilize the property's potential, programming that would benefit our community, and how to put that programming into place. We soon found ourselves taking the first steps towards revitalization. 

The more involved we became in this process, the more we realized how monumental of an impact we could have on our community through The Cliffhouse Project. I knew then and there I had found my calling. Nothing sets my soul ablaze like the magic of the nonprofit arts and the power it has to bring beautifully diverse people together. My time at LHUCA as First Friday Art Trail Coordinator afforded me great experiences and some incredibly talented friends and cohorts whom have been key to our progress. Watching the minds of the Lubbock art scene and the hearts and helping hands of volunteers come together has been inspiring. I am ecstatic knowing we can accomplish something wonderful as a commmunity.

We're in it for the long-haul. Join us!"

             - Chiemsee Holder

Video by Tyson Earl