Community. Revitalization. Diversity. Education. Healthy living. Art. 

The Cliffhouse Project will be an all-inclusive space where everyone from all walks of life will be welcome. Through education and community outreach, we will strive to improve the lives of those who visit us, while helping redirect current perception of East Lubbock.

 Photograph by Tonja Hagy-Valdine

Organic community gardens will be utilized to educate locals on proper gardening and self-sustaining techniques. Cooking classes will be held in a commercial kitchen on site with harvested food and herbs from those same gardens. We plan to reach out to other nonprofit organization to further our reach of those we can educate and feed. 

The front Cliffhouse building (The former Cliffhouse Restaurant) will be our main art gallery, with exhibitions that will change at least every 3 months. To continue to fill the space with diverse shows, several artist residency programs will be in place. Artists will reside in studios behind the main building (the former Parkview Lodge). Residencies will be one year long and will require an application process. A wide range of mediums will be accepted. To help us maintain the gardens, each resident will be required to volunteer a certain amount of hours each week, in exchange for little to no rent for their space. Several art class programs will also be available to the public throughout the year. We hope to build several warehouses for things such as kiln yards and a glass-blowing studio. 

For our local and regional youth, summer camps will be available. Day camps will be an option as well as week-long stays. Those programs will include art classes, gardening and cooking classes, and other physical activities. During the school year, we hope to raise funds to be able to offer lower-income families the chance to apply for scholarships for camp programs. 

As we begin revitalization plans, we realize this property will be both an architectural and natural treasure to the area. Spaces such as the art gallery and gardens will be available to rent for weddings and similar events. Other areas on site will be planned with meetings, concerts, recitals, and theatre in mind.